Harness the Power of LinkedIn

Earlier this week, I attended the presentation “Harness the Power of LinkedIn” that was held in the Saint Augustine Center at Villanova University. Kate Szumanski led the meeting. The importance of this presentation was to teach and inform college students about the benefits LinkedIn will have in their professional development before even entering the workforce. College students and recent college graduates are the fastest growing demographic that utilizes LinkedIn, so it is in the best interest of all business students (and even those in other colleges) to create an account.

It is very important to begin making professional connections while still in college. This initial networking can create connections that could help students find available jobs as well as offer recommendations for future jobs. Many professionals use LinkedIn, so this is a great way to keep in touch and offer more information about yourself. It also continues the networking process after initially meeting them. This growth in popularity has led to the website becoming a sort of “competitive platform.” Therefore the perspective worker with the best account is far more likely to receive the job over those with a worse or no account.

Although having a LinkedIn account is a great online business professional presence, it can not replace a resume. Ms. Szumanski explained that even though this is true, only having a resume just doesn’t cut it anymore.  A LinkedIn account is basically necessary in today’s business professional world. It allows professionals to add more information and more details than a normal resume would.

The most important aspect of LinkedIn is the ease of connecting with other professionals. This calls for learning the etiquette of online professional relationships. If done right, this can strengthen one’s business relationships with contacts that can help better your career. When originally adding someone on LinkedIn, it is very important to write them a personalized contact request to show your interest in furthering your business relationship with them.

It is also beneficial to follow companies on LinkedIn. This demonstrates your interest of possibly working for them that the company or business may take notice of.

Therefore, after attending this meeting I would highly recommend to all college students, as well as anyone in the workforce, to create a LinkedIn account. The career benefits and business connections this website can help to build are necessary in the competitive job market we all deal with today.


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